Volunteer Opportunities

If you’ve ever thought about volunteering, Roots Timber Reuse is a great place to consider. We offer high-quality volunteer opportunities to people from all walks of life.

Improve your job prospects

If you’re looking for work then volunteering with Roots Timber Reuse can improve your chances of finding it. Not only do we offer a wide range of support and training, but we generally hire from our pool of volunteers.

Boost your skills

We have extensive volunteer involvement and offer training to suit our volunteers. Whether you’re interested in manual work, sales or woodworking, we can help get you started with practical on-the-job training.

Supportive workplace

We’re used to working with all kinds of people, including those with physical or mental disabilities, recovering addicts, and people who for whatever reason are trying to turn their lives around. We will always do our best to accommodate anyone who is prepared to take the work seriously.

Help your community

Whether it’s saving wood from being wasted, helping DIY enthusiasts find just the right piece of timber, or supporting your fellow volunteers, everything we do is aimed at making the world a better place. When you work with us, you’re helping to drive a positive change in your community, and we’re always grateful for your assistance.

Sanija’s Story

Sanija joined Roots Timber Reuse in 2021 through the government-backed Kickstart scheme. When she started she had very little workplace-based experience and was keen to develop her carpentry skills. Initially, she helped with the processing of the wood brought back to the yard from collections, including de-nailing and sorting. As her confidence and skills grew, she moved into the workshop making products for sale, and started dealing with customers in the wood store. This opportunity to gain experience alongside the Community Wood Recycling training programmes has allowed Roots to offer Sanija a permanent job at the end of her Kickstart placement, and she is now a very valued member of the collection team and carpenter in the workshop. She will continue to develop her career throughout her time at Roots, collecting wood from sites and turning it into high-quality furniture.

“I have really enjoyed my time at Roots Timber. I feel like I fit in well, and it’s a good environment to learn new skills in so I am picking up everything quickly. I like being able to work in a calm environment and learn new skills without feeling under pressure to do everything correctly the first time.”

Sanija, Roots Timber Reuse CIC

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