This tabletop is made of reclaimed wood, sanded and finished to be suitable as a working or dining surface. Other kinds of wood  are subject to availability and different finishes are possible.

Pet hut

Can you guess what animal this is for? Our pet huts can provide a warm and easily accessible outdoor home for pets of various sizes, and can be customised for your needs.


We have a range of bookcases available and can produce them to your specifications to make sure they fit into the space and feel of your home.


A wooden mantlepiece can turn a small fireplace or decorative heater into the centrepiece of a room. Different styles and kinds of wood are available.


Planters are available in a range of sizes and we can also make them to your specifications.

Garage doors

More attractive than standard steel doors, wooden garage doors are a simple way to improve the facade of a home.

Rabbit Hutch

Whatever pets you have, we can make pens and hutches to your needs. This hutch provides ample room for 3 rabbits to be kept separated, with both open and hidden areas and space for food, water, and play items.